Consulting + Services

Please Contact Laura if you would like to discuss any of the following: 

Applied Research

Research services offered include desk studies and field research intended to yield practical data, information and recommendations. Laura also specializes in designing and implementing participatory research studies with children, youth and with wider communities.

Document analysis and review · Literature review · Research design · Focus group discussions · Interviews · Participatory research techniques · Surveys · Qualitative data analysis

Program Planning

Services offered include:

Baseline Research · Community Assessment · Logic modelling · Participatory indicator development · Implementation plans · Monitoring and Evaluation · Plan conceptualization


Laura offers a range of evaluative services that seek to engage all stakeholders in the process towards strengthening of programs to achieve health and social outcomes:

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement · Evaluation design · Evaluation implementation · Communication planning and implementation

Training and Capacity Building

Laura offers workshops and training sessions in:

Program planning and evaluation · Participatory Approaches · Child and Youth Health · Psychosocial wellbeing of children · Global Health.

Capacity building to clients throughout projects is also provided, working to maximize sustainability of programs through ensuring their understanding of planning and evaluation are enhanced through our collaboration.


Please also contact Laura about teaching at Undergraduate and Graduate university levels.

**Depending on the needs of the client, Laura has a set of highly skilled supporting consultants and researchers for projects where diverse skillsets are required, such as quantitative and statistical analysis and graphic design.